My Setup History – Text Editors

I always think of myself as a person that tries and uses multiple tools, editors, libraries and more. I change my setup regularly and so I thought I should write down my setup yearly. But first, I will quickly talk about what I have used in the past.

I will try to write a series of posts with the tools I have used all those years.

Text Editors & IDEs

I will start with the most important thing for a developer.

– The first editor I can remember is Dreamweaver. It was an awful experience with the WYSIWYG to produce insane amounts of code and totally destroying anything you wrote.
– While working with Flash and writing ActionScript I was using the Macromedia (Adobe bought Macromedia later) Flash.
– As I found myself writing more and more PHP, I found that Aptana could help me be more productive.
– JavaScript started becoming more famous in my everyday development and I was looking to transition from IDEs to Text Editors. As an Ubuntu user since 2007, gEdit was preinstalled, and an obvious solution for me.
Sublime Text took over the development world like a storm and I was in that storm
– After Chrome DevTools started using CodeMirror and introduced Workspaces, I tried to use the DevTools as my main editor. Yeah, I did that it for 6 months.
– GitHub created Atom and although I hoped for an in browser version of it, it was a normal transition for me, being very familiar with it after using Sublime Text.

I’m using Atom since it was released for Linux and it seems the best solution right now, till the next cool kid lands!

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