The frontend king

The king is dead, long live the new king!

Misko Hevery and the Angular team revolutionized the way we work. When I first heard about Angular, was back in 2012 when there was a new breed of frameworks that wanted to dethrone the king at that time, jQuery. Backbone, Ember, Knockout, Angular, all wanted a part of the pie. I actually created a couple of projects with Backbone which was the first that earned some kind of popularity, and attended a seminar organized by Microsoft Greece to get to know a bit about Knockout. But it was Angular that seemed the best solution to create SPA applications, and it didn’t took long before it skyrocketed to the top.

The new king enjoyed a couple years at the throne, but it’s own creators decided to abandon it (not exactly accurate, but… yeah) and bet heavily on a new, completely different, incarnation of Angular, Angular 2. That was about the time that Facebook announced that was already functioning on top of a new framework called React.js.

It took a while for people (including myself) to realise that markup inside js files is not the worst idea ever, and that JSX is actually useful. Slowly and steadily, React popularity is growing and it recently reached over 40000 stars on github, soon to overcome Angular 1 with 48000. It’s obvious that a new king is rising!

So, seeing the old king abandoned and destined to die, I had to make a choice: Angular 2 or React?

React has React Native, Redux (that I really wanted to have for some projects back in 2011), it embraced es2015 and has a vibrant community and a huge ecosystem.

Angular has the brains that created one king already, selected TypeScript and took the bold decision to create something completely new from scratch.

Whoever is the new king, it’s certainly time for new and exciting things.

P.S. I already read a lot about React and I’m already creating a project with it! I’m sure I won’t be able to keep my hand of Angular 2 either in the future 😛