Hey, it’s been a while i wrote something on this blog, despite having a weekly reminder to make me visit this site more often. I keep looking around to Angular stuff, but i’m also thinking about some other stuff that I might (or probably might not) write about in the future.

While working on Angular, I needed a temporary storage option. I had heard a lot about localStorage indexedDB, webDB but never really tried any of those choices. So, it was about time to investigate further into those solutions.

Checked all the possible solutions, but caniuse and the notorius Internet Explorer limited my options. So, I decided that localStorage was the way to go. So I created an Angular module to make using local and session storage easy.

I’m kinda new into creating open source repositories, but I tried to create a github repository based on what i’m looking for when i’m finding a repository, all the info i need on the repository readme file please. The repository is located here ( ).

I won’t include any info on how to use it here, thats why the readme file exists, right?