Recently, I started working on a new project, in which we will use Angular.js for the frontend part and node.js/mongodb for the backend.

The framework we chose for node is Express. I really love the simplicity of Express. But my main part is the frontend. I really like the concept that Angular introduces. The html is the the one that gives orders to the js, something is totally different based on what i was used to with jQuery and the DOM manipulations.

While the project is evolving, we needed a Google Map to display some POIs. I made an initial implementation, I then transformed it into an Angular.js directive but just today I realized the correct way to create a Google map directive, when I first saw I will try to rewrite my directive based on Nicolas Laplante’s awesome work. The final result might be similar, but the target is to create my first fully functional and parameterized directive.

I will have more info on this and maybe a Github repository as the work is going on.

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